Freight transport Terms and Conditions

Leckebusch GmbH carries out the shipment of goods by overseas container or other appropriate transportation means and organizes their transport. Leckebusch GmbH shall not be liable for damages resulting from proven negligence or willful intent of the Leckebusch GmbH. Should an expert appointed by us prove that we have caused a damage, we will adjust such damage solely based on our goodwill as lowest possible costs. The client shall not be entitled to a repairing by a service centre. We have no influence on transport time. Leckebusch GmbH shall not be liable for any damages or property losses due to missed deadlines. The client shall be delivered his goods only after he has paid all fees and costs to the account of the Leckbusch GmbH Germany. The client shall be obliged to pick up his goods at the port of destination 4 days after the arrival of the container at the latest. Any additional costs incurred by the failure to observe the above time-limit shall be borne by the client. In order to cover potential payments or costs, Leckebusch GmbH shall be entitled to commercialize the goods delivered. In case of higher proceeds, the client shall be paid the remaining amount. Apart from that the “Allgemeine Speditionsbedingungen” (ADSp) (= General Terms and Conditions of Transport) shall apply as amended from time to time.